How to spend vouchers

Did you receive a voucher?

That’s awesome!
Learn to transform vouchers into gifts in 3 easy steps!

1. Redeem a voucher

Verify if the voucher is valid on the Verify Voucher page, and add it to your collection by clicking the Redeem Voucher button. After you create your free account, you can add the vouchers to your collection.

2. Create a wishlist

Create a new wishlist: just type the product name, quantity, the URL where we can see the product and the price. After you're done, send the wishlist for a review from one of our shop managers.

3. Finalize the order

An admin will validate your wishlist, add transport costs and will send you notifications on your email when the wishlist is ready to be ordered. Click Order and your wishlist items will be shipped to you!

How about my privacy?

Nobody will be able to access any of your details, see your wishlists or be able to see if the voucher is used or not. The only interaction is with our shop manager.

What if my wishlist costs more?

If your wishlist costs more than your vouchers, you have the option to pay for the difference, or you can add more vouchers and order the wishlist later.

Can I use multiple vouchers?​

Yes! If you receive more vouchers, redeem them and they will be added to your collection, so you can order more items.

How does Kitty Vouchers work, and why should I register for a free account?