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Data is required by Paypal, it’s not for Kittyvouchers, as you will see the fields in the Paypal interface are already filled in when you get into the payout section.

The minimum value of a voucher is 30 USD.
The voucher can be activated immediately after the payment processor confirms the payment.
After the voucher is activated, the wishlist can be created and the gift information can be sent.
So many details are needed as your gift needs to get where you want, without errors.
These costs can not be detailed because there are no restrictions on the orders you want, and we can’t know where you want to order and to which address you want to send the gift. For all these reasons, we can not tell you what the charges are, until you effectively order a wishlist.
Yes, a paid voucher can be canceled, only if all of the following conditions are met: – payment was made online via bank card / paypal – the voucher has not been claimed / used at the time of the order cancellation request – it has not been more than 14 days since the payment was done.
Of course, the gift belongs to you entirely and it can be the subject of a discussion between you and the shop where you requested it. The return can not be made through

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