About Us

The story behind Kitty Vouchers

Some people I’ve meet on the internet wanted to send me various gifts.
Some of them, more insistent, pressed me to give them an address to send them, and at first I succumbed, but…

I went through a lot of situations over the time, starting from receiving various gifts, some weirder than the others (for which I have also paid taxes), to face to face meetings with individuals I did not want into my private life.

Therefore, I thought about it, and, together with a friend that works in IT, we developed this platform that allows people to be absolutely sure that their personal details will be protected and will not reach those who want to send them gifts. This was my first and most important goal.

The second reason was to do something smart so the gifts will fit, in a way that my friends will not spend the money without a result, and I will not have to pay any fees for objects that I have no use for.

That’s how my idea of receiving vouchers and using their value in any online store via the platform came to life, either in full or in part.

I hope you, just like my girlfriends and colleagues who have already created a free account, will find this platform as useful and profitable as I do.
If you have any ideas or needs not covered by the platform, please contact me using the form on the contact page.



Feedback & Reviews

Here are some opinions from other videochat models:

” For some time, I have been looking for a solution to receive gifts from admirers.
I found it … Kittyvouchers is safe and I can order what I want, where I want and when I want it, and I’m not limited to just some online stores.

I’ve heard that it will also work offline in some countries, I can hardly wait! “

Katherine S.

” Girls, I am very glad to tell you how well I am working with kittyvouchers! Usually, my admirers were sending me various cheap gifts that ended in the trash, because I didn’t need them. Now I tell them to send me vouchers through kittyvouchers. They send small amounts, but I add them to my collection and I spend them all through kittyvouchers.
I loooove it! “

Anne M.

” Since my card data got stolen, I was always stressed to buy something online, you know why …
Since I started using kittyvouchers I have no stress anymore, I do not give away my card details on various sites.
Kittyvouchers takes care about all details. I’m happy :))  “

Natasha K.

” I always wanted to be able to order at various online stores, but few are delivering to the area where I live.
Since KittyVouchers appeared, I have access to all the sites in the world. I am very happy, thanks kitty!!!! “

Jhoanna M.

Why choose Kitty Vouchers?

Here are three main reasons for choosing Kitty Vouchers:

Keep your personal details private – smart & safe

This platform allows girls to be absolutely sure that their personal details will be protected and will not reach those who want to send them gifts.

You choose the presents, sizes, colors and more!

The gifts will fit, because you choose the items, sizes, colors and more, according to your own preferences and needs.

Got questions?

We have prepared a few videos to show you the basics of working with the platform. It’s very easy, smart & safe!

Still not convinced?